Sunday, February 27, 2011

California Girls

While this photo looks like it was taken in Park City, Utah- it was actually taken while standing in line at Disney Land! I just got back from California, and it was FREEZING!!!!! I had to wear a scarf, gloves and multiple layers when at Disneyland. I was miserably cold, and so thankful that I had the supplies to keep me warm! I looked like a fish out of water, with my dark scarf, black leather coat, and black gloves and accessories. Among the crowed of brightly adorned California girls, we kind of looked like vampires. I did however, have a fabulous pair of Sunglasses- even thought it was cloudy. That should have helped me to fit in right? Also- canvas shoes are DEFIANTLY all the rage in California, so my red TOMS fit in perfectly!
While I didn't see anyone actually running around like the picture below- I was surprised by the Southern California girls stamina when it came to the cold. While I was FREEZING my buns off, and drinking hot chocolate one cup after another. They were stubbornly wearing their sandals, and their VERY short short. Tank tops, and belly shirts. I even saw one girl that was wearing her bikini, under a see through belly exposing tank top, and short shorts, that gave her to opportunity to let her bikini strings hang out . I mean COME ON! It was 50 degrees!
Like I said, there were no Katy Perry California Girls running around ( thank goodness!) however, I did realize that California girls are dedicated to their craft. In contrast to my self, a UTAH girl, who is dedicated to keeping all my fingers and toes, and mainly staying warm, and covering everything up until I reach and can maintain a certain body temp! Speaking of which, sitting here writing this post- I have three top layers on, and my fingers have gotten so cold they feel like they are no longer working properly.

Note to self: Buy fingerless gloves, so when typing about staying warm, I can actually try and stay warm.

In conclusion. I think its lame to dress like its one season, when clearly its another!!!! On that note- I'm off to make some hot chocolate and toast.

PS. I fell off the shopping bandwagon. I bought a couple of really adorable tank tops to wear on my sunny California trip. What a waste of a re-lapse! Back on the budget starting this week! (:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11:Cold

I have been so busy @ work that I have forgotten 50 % of my new years resolution. While I have abstained from shopping, I have forgotten to blog about the process.

Note to self: must remember to blog about daily shopping withdrawals.

Today I wish that I was wearing something like this little gem.

But instead- it continues to be 4 degrees outside. Which means I donned a sweater- layered on a bigger sweater. With a Scarf, and knee length wool coat. Gloves...... and boots.

Dear winter. If you have to be cold...... can you invent a way that I can look fabulous in my frumpy sweaters? As if now, I'm looking a little mash potato-ish.

Little Red

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day #2

Going to work today- which means I have a limited selection of what I can wear.

Final Choice:
Dark Blue Jeans
White tee
Black Sweater Vest
Black Cardigan
Red Toms ( Shoes)

This is what I wish I was wearing today:

How cute is this belt? I don't have any little belts like this, do you? Its ac super cute way to define your waist line!

Note to self: In 58 days, go buy a little belt!

Little Red

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New beginnings: Stop the Shop 2011

Photo taken on my shopping trip in Notting Hill Last Summer!

The time has come to make some New Years resolutions. Now, I don't remember taking the New Year, or any impending resolutions seriously since the 6th grade. Where I was going to " Go to practice everyday so I could make it to the Jr. Olympics" I had high expectations for myself!
This year seems different, special somehow- maybe because today is 01/01/11- seems like some kind of a sign right? Knowing that this big day was coming made me ponder some things, and together with " Mr. Little Red", a personal campaign was born.

Before I can explain my New Years Resolution/ Personal Campaign, lets take a little look into the past.
1: Shopaholic is a term used to describe individual who consider themselves as addicted to shopping.

Shopaholic can also refer to:

2:Remember this post?

Well, I would like to say that I have changed- that I made a budget- that I did something to help save money. But I haven't. I still shop all the time!!!!!

Which brings us to the personal Campaign. Introducing......... drum roll please.....


This Saying started when " Mr. Little Red" would chant the words "Stop the Shop" every time he found some shopping bags, or heaven forbid caught me walking through the door with something new! What I have decided to do in 2011- in order to help Start the "Stop the Shop" Campaign is to see how far I can stretch my closet. I am setting a goal of 60 days- without shopping for any new clothing items. I have to only use what is in my closet- which I admit, is way more than any 1 person needs. At the end of the 60 days, I will evaluate and set a new goal. Along the way, I will be posting my progress, and maybe even the outcome of the closet raiding that will be going on.

Ok- now that I have put it out there, I am ready to go! Stay posted for news.... and a lot of whining. I really do enjoy a good shopping trip, so I know I am going to go through some withdrawals. And Cheers to blogging again! I think I only posted 1 or 2 last years, and I am excited for the outlet again! NOW- tell me, what resolutions are you doing this new year?

Little Red

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Getting Ready to Leave the Nest.

Its been six years since I have been to Europe. Sometimes I think I can remember the feel of walking on streets that are older than our country. I remember the smell of a crepe being cooked on a large stove top, mixed with cigarettes and city. The constant hum of voices, whose words I can not distinguish, but somehow make me feel like my own voice belongs. I think I remember how the morning sun feels as it bounces off of buildings, with window displays of cheese, breads, and flowers. I wonder if these memories are hold true. Or if my reflections are just a romanticized version of the city. Please don't disappoint me Paris. I hold you in such high esteem. I have not forgotten about London. While I have not met you yet, I have high standards for you too. One week left until I leave the nest, and I am torn between feeling freedom, and reserve. I guess that once you find love, and a home with that love. One no longer feels the need to fly away. So while I know I will miss my nest....... and my lover that is staying behind. I will find the piece of my heart that I left on the city streets, and bring it home again. I can't wait to share what I find with you. Wish me luck!

Little Red

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does your town have hay bales?

I love hay bales. Rectangle. Repetitive. Uniform. Don't be jealous of my hay bale field. I am sure that you can find one in a small town near you. Or you can stop by Stephie and Brock's store and buy your own hay bale. Maybe you could use it as a coffee table?
Little Red

Friday, June 11, 2010

The loveliest garden- part one.

When my parents moved into their house, 17 years ago, they had amazing foresight and started gardening. Though the years they put in flower beds, trees bushes and pathways. When I got married 4 years ago, they went through a another major overhaul to prep for the wedding. The end result is the Loveliest Garden in town.

I stopped by the Lovely Garden House this morning, and this is what I saw when I pulled up to the house. I smiled, and a warmth crept into my heart. There is something so rewarding about seeing your Dad, working on something he loves. I think he even loves weeding- although he would never admit it. I'm pretty sure he gets some satisfaction out of pulling those pesky weeds. Thank you for being such an example mom an dad. I hope that my yard will be as lovely as yours someday.

Little Red.